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About Us

Once upon a time, there was a place that had beautiful beaches… and not much else. To the untrained eye, the area was a sandy stretch of land with barely a tree in sight. To the experienced eyes of master builders Burg and DiVosta it was a piece of fee simple land destined to be a “Pocket of Paradise.”©

And so in 1984 the dream began with the first phase of what would become Whitehall Condominiums at Camino Real. Phase I consisted of nine (9) buildings without patios. This was quickly followed in 1985 by the completion of the eight (8) buildings with patios in Phase II. Right from the ground up, Whitehall is a special place.

It was one of the first complexes built using preformed cement castings and each building contains twenty four (24) apartments.

Burg and DiVosta also kept in mind the natural beauty of the surrounding areas and gave a great deal of thought to the placement of buildings and landscaping.

Almost all of the seventeen (17) buildings overlook lush greenery, trees and/or peaceful water and each building is set back from the main road. This allows for privacy, practicality and aesthetics.

Each of the seventeen (17) buildings contain an elevator for inside access, as well as open stairs for outside access. There are covered areas in front of each building to provide a source of protection from the elements. Each building also has an enclosed “mini-building” that houses the sanitation bin and electrical systems. Trees, flowers and shrubs are in abundance throughout the complex.


The inside of each of the four hundred and eight (408) apartments was designed with optimum comfort and versatility in mind. The 1,385 square feet are well-lit and open. Each unit contains an eat-in kitchen, a living room, a dining room, a Florida room, two (2) bedrooms and two (2) full baths. Most have a laundry/storage area with enough space to be considered a separate room.

If Burg and DiVosta could return to Whitehall today and talk to the people who live here, they would be gratified. Their dream has become a reality. Whitehall is a “Pocket of Paradise”© in Boca Del Mar.

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